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Hard rubber is not classified as a hazardous material by the US Department of Transportation.  Shipment by mail or by other delivery services is not restricted.

As a rule, the dust produced while working hard rubber is not toxic, though it is an irritant - so wearing a dust mask or respirator is advisable.  Old hard rubber, however, as well as modern hard rubbers made for specialized industrial purposes, may contain fillers and additives that are toxic in dust form.  These ingredients may include minerals such as asbestos, as well as pigments containing heavy metals such as lead and mercury.  When using old hard rubber stock from decades past - especially old colored hard rubbers - take all appropriate precautions, taking particular care to avoid contamination of food and food preparation areas.

From time to time, we may offer limited quantities of old hard rubber rod and tube stock.  We can offer no guarantee regarding the composition of such material: it is sold strictly "as is".

Our newly-produced hard rubber is nontoxic, and is made with natural rubber.

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